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Dr. Alisa Kauffman Interviews Elevate Oral Care for AllDay Dry Mouth Spray

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Elevate Oral Care

In this video, Dr. Alisa Kauffman talks to Steve Pardue: Managing Partner and Hayley Buckner: Professional Relations Manager from Elevate Oral Care.


They answer the questions:

  • Who is Elevate Oral Care?
  • What does Elevate Oral Care do?
  • What is AllDay Dry Mouth Spray and what are it’s benefits?
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AllDay Dry Mouth Spray

Hi everyone, welcome to our caring and Able web series. Today we’re featuring Elevate Oral Care, and I’m going to introduce Haley and Steve from Elevate Oral Care.

Steve Pardue is a Managing Member of Elevate Oral Care and helped launch the company, roughly 10 years ago. He brings 20 years of product development and technical experience focused exclusively on preventive dentistry.

Hayley Buckner is a professional relations manager and preventive care supervisor for Elevate Oral Care. Hayley enjoys combining her dental hygiene background and experience to share up to date information on SDF prevention (SDF is silver diamine fluoride that we’re going to talk about later). She also provides patient-centered communication and cavity risk assessment protocol for dental offices and patients.


Who is Elevate Oral Care?

Steve: A great question and thank you very much for having us here today. Elevate Oral Care is a preventive dental company. We specialize in providing products to dental offices and in turn directly to patients many times that really reduce the risk of tooth decay, and divided periodontal disease into sensitivity. So many of our products are prescription strength, and a lot of our products are actually over the counter strength that can be delivered directly to patients. So, our focus is: When you visit the dentist, you don’t always have to have a tooth drilled on always have to have a state of disease to get a treatment. We want to make sure you can catch those conditions or diseases early prevent them or treat them at the early stages before they get seriously damaging.

Alisa: That’s your company’s goal, right and your focus which is amazing. I’ve been using elevate for many many years, and I am always so impressed with everything that you come out with that’s new, and a product that I’ve been using for years it’s not new, it’s called AllDay Dry Mouth Spray and Gel, and I want to know, why did you come up with this product?

Why did You Come Up With AllDay Dry Mouth Spray?

Steve: So all day dry mouth spray is, it’s a great product, and we developed it for a number of different reasons. At our previous companies we used to own Omni Oral Pharmaceuticals and sold that company to 3M, we manage the line that had a lot of dry mouth products in there as well. There are also a lot of dry mouth products available to patients over the counter, many of which have changed through the years, and those formulations may or may not be as impactful, they may not be as preferred by the patients. So, what we wound up doing is creating a product that will alleviate dry mouth very very well, and it will also deliver a xylitol so it helps prevent other things as well.

So patients that have dry mouth, they’re going to need something to help stop tooth decay because saliva is the body’s natural defense. We figured, why not incorporate something that can reduce tooth decay into the product that’s going to help them feel better for dry mouth symptoms, so that was kind of the beginning of dry mouth. In addition, a lot of our managing members have aging parents. One of our managing members, Rich [Crone] whose mother has dry mouth, my mother passed away from cancer, and through the process had significant dry mouth. So developing these products, really kind of touched home for us, making it personal and developing things that can help family members and when we get to see firsthand exactly what to do. So it’s one of the main reasons we developed AllDay Dry Mouth Spray.

Alisa: As a dentist and as a geriatric house call dentist I always bring AllDay Spray with me. I don’t give it to every patient because, you know, if they don’t need it, that’s it’s a waste. But I can tell you that I’ve had many patients who told me that they’ve had dry mouth over the years, and they show me the product lines that they’ve used, and I’m not going to name them but I always say no that doesn’t last very long or that’s not exactly going to help you for many different reasons and I provide them with the AllDay Spray.

I always give them the first one because I feel like if you don’t actually provide your patient with the first sample, they forget to order it, but the minute I give them the AllDay Spray, the full bottle, they literally tell me how much they love it.

My favorite story, one of my favorite stories, is about a woman who tried every product, and she literally had a basket of dry mouth products, it was upsetting, and I gave her the AllDay Spray and this is so funny and she called me the next day, she’s like, I love this. I put two or three spurts and it lasted for a few hours but I have a question to ask you, and I said what’s the question she goes, How often can I use it? I say, guess what it’s called…¬† And we just had a big laugh because I mean I think it’s the most brilliant meme because you can use it literally all day, and even for me I don’t really have a dry mouth, a lot of problems. But I know before I go and do these recordings I always give myself two sprays and that lasts at least an hour and night before I go to bed I sprayed in my mouth so I think it’s a product that’s useful for everyone, not even for even if, even if you don’t even have a real issue, I think it’s just something that keeps your mouth, moisturize, which feels good.

Who Should Use AllDay Spray?

Alisa: Who should be using all day spray, I mean I use it, you know, can anyone use it or who should be using it?

Hayley: Like you said Dr. Kauffman, I’ll do dry spray, spray can really be used for a number of different patients certainly those patients that are suffering from dry mouth, and have complained to their provider about dry mouth, and that can come from a lot of different things, whether you’re on a lot of different medications that may make you at a higher risk for dry mouth, or if you have certain different syndromes and diseases that can put you at risk for having a dry mouth as well so any patient that is suffering from dry mouth would be a great candidate to use and AllDay Dry Mouth Spray, but also even like you said yourself if you’re out there speaking if you notice every once in a while you experience some dry mouth yourself not from a true issue but just a little bit of dry mouth yourself, you can absolutely use it. So it provides relief to anybody that is suffering from those dry mouth symptoms.

Can I Use It With My Other Oral Care Products?

Alisa: People often ask me, “Can I use it with my other oral care products?” which I want you guys to answer but I want to tell you this is not Elevate saying this, this is not a statement from elevate this is a statement from Dr. Alisa Kauffman. I have found a very useful way to use it with my patients who swallow toothpaste. Because of the thickness of it and it’s gel-like I will often recommend it to my patients that have dementia or other cognitive issues or patients that cannot swish and spit for whatever reason to use it on the toothbrush and to use it as toothpaste. I know that that’s kind of out of the box but I’m saying that from my personal point of view as a dentist that I tell my patients who cannot use traditional toothpaste to use this because this is a lot better than using nothing, and I really appreciate that I’m able to give them something to use rather than nothing. But along with that, can you use all day spray with traditional oral care products.

Hayley: Yeah, absolutely. It can be used with all sorts of different over the counter, and prescription products. So a patient can certainly still brush with their over the counter toothpaste or their prescription fluoride toothpaste, they can still be doing any kind of in between the teeth cleaning with flossing and still absolutely use this as an additional therapy, because this will actually target the dry mouth symptoms which a lot of those toothpaste and other cleaning products don’t target specifically this one is going to help treat the dry mouth symptoms so it can absolutely be used with all sorts of different oral care products that the patient is using.

Where Can You Purchase AllDay Mouth spray and Do You Need a Prescription?

Alisa: So for people that are interested in or listening to this, where can they purchase it, and do they need a prescription?

Hayley: That’s anything about all day it’s an over the counter product so they can purchase it directly from their dental office if their dental office happens to have the product available for them to purchase. It can also be purchased directly from And then also through Amazon as well.

Alisa: Yeah, Amazon’s a big one, people just love to just go on Amazon and just purchase it quickly.

Why Is This Better Than Other Products?

Alisa: How does it actually work for people that are interested in why this is better than the other products out there.

Steve: So, AllDay Dry Mouth Spray works a little bit different than many products that are on the market. One of the main ways it works is there, there’s water in Xylitol. Xylitol dissolved in the water and there’s a muco-adhesive in there that creates these small bubbles of water containing by without, and then the muco-adhesives actually stick to the inside of the mouth, and gradually release the Xylitol through time.

So think of it as a time release mechanisms to deliver Xylitol all that prevents or reduces tooth decay in the mouth for up to three hours over quite a long period of time, so not only does it deliver the moisture from the water. It also delivers the Xylitol to help reduce tooth decay risks. So kind of a unique delivery in the in the dry mouth product world,

Is Xylitol a Fake Sugar?

Alisa: The way I explained Xylitol to my patients and I want you guys to correct me if I’m wrong but it’s a naturally occurring sugar found in fruits and vegetables. So when people say to me “oh I don’t want to use xylitol”, I always tell them it’s not a fake sugar it’s a real sugar. Can you guys talk about that a little bit more?

Steve: Absolutely, I will tell you something, you pretty much can’t get away from it occurs naturally in corns and berries and pretty much any vegetable. So it’s it’s pretty it’s naturally, you can’t be allergic to it, it’s actually produced in US them and liver in the body every day. So it’s not something to be afraid of something that’s part of our own metabolism.

Is Dry Mouth a Prevalent Issue?

Alisa: And finally, is dry mouth, a really prevalent issue or is it just a nuisance that like a few people have?

Steve: It is a very prevalent issue and it’s becoming more prevalent as our population ages, and as our population takes numerous different types of medications. I think there’s a list of about 100 known medications that can have dry mouth as a side effect to some varying degree, but that’s very¬† common in the world today. So yes, it’s a it’s a common and growing problem.

Are There Therapeutic Benefits?

Alisa: Is there any other therapeutic benefits of AllDay Gel and Spray?

Steve: the therapeutic benefits are really the delivery of xylitol to produce tooth decay, and then also the coating of the mouth and relief of dry mouth symptoms, those are two of the main benefits that, that you can expect from the product.

Alisa: Right. And just for people who are listening, you just squirt it in your mouth and your saliva covers all of your teeth, which I tell my patients is a great benefit you don’t have to think about it you just spray it in your mouth and just let whatever little saliva in your tongue do the work.

Do you have anything more to say about that? Is that accurate?

Steve: The best way to do that, use the product is spray a few squirts on your tongue, and then rub your tongue across the surface of your teeth and that will coat all the surfaces and stay there as long as the product can, that’s the best way to deliver it.

Alisa: And I can tell you that it tastes delicious and no one complains about it, and it has the right viscosity it’s not goofy, it’s just perfect. So I definitely recommend it to all of my patients and I really appreciate Elevate for finding a solution to dry mouth that makes sense and really helps a lot of my condition so I thank you for that.

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