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Map Habit + Caring and Able Episode 4 – The most important thing about Map Habit

By July 1, 2021July 14th, 2021No Comments

Map Habit

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Hi everyone, Dr. Alisa Kauffman here with Caring & Able. I am here with Matt Golden and we are talking about Map Habit, and Map Habit is a program, it’s an everything, it’s a toy chest.

It’s a daily activity box of everything, I mean, I am so impressed with how many different activities on this one box, and more to come because this is a monthly subscription. And for me, the most important thing about it is that you know that your loved one is going to be stimulated, but I will tell you that if I ever saw something like this on the table, where they are doing activities, a different daily activity, and you know that they are, because there’s an app. So you go into the app, and you can tell that your caregiver has provided at least an hour of activity.

So I want to talk to you today about the different types of activities, and how this monthly subscription works for the family. How do you subscribe?

How Do You Subscribe?

Matt: You go to and there’s a Sign-Up button. You basically will enter we have a special code for the audience today, caring and thank you, and the access code. Our normal price is $50 per month we’re giving it today for $40 per month. But what you get is basically this kit that provides you with daily activities around providing emotional support, cognitive engagement, and different kinds of stretching and breathing exercises but you touched on the very thing you’re we all are busy, we can’t be with our loved one, even though we may want to for a lot of the day, so to have not only stimulating activities that will preserve their cognition for as long as possible, but you can actually have some sort of that compliance and knowledge that the, that the person that you’re having with your loved one is actually doing specific things and it will give you more things to talk about with your loved one as well.

Alisa: Honestly, most people like to do crafts and like to play games. So it’s not only good for your loved ones for the ones that you’re taking care of but it actually gives you something to do glue and pasted play and roll and throw I mean, this is fantastic. I mean, Anyone who gets into this business of taking care of others should want to do this you should want to stimulate their brains, and to stimulate your own brain, I mean this, I would, I think this is amazing and I really applaud your efforts for creating this company, and I’ve not seen any competition, and if there is competition, good luck to them because this is amazing.

Learn more about Map Habit here >

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