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Map Habit Unboxing of “Daily Stim” monthly subscription service (Episode 1 of 5)

By June 24, 2021June 30th, 2021No Comments

Map Habit

Caring and Able Host/Founder Dr. Alisa Kauffman interviews Matt Golden and unboxes the Daily Stim program which is one of multiple offerings with Map Habit.

MapHabit’s Daily Stim provides 1 hour of unique content every day broken into three map sessions.

Perfect for caregivers and community activity directors, Daily Stim takes the guesswork out of your day by delivering evidence-based techniques to extend cognitive function and provide useful activities for the individual(s) in your care.

What’s the monthly subscription cost? $50 per mo, with onboarding session, but Caring and Able subscribers get 20% off ($40 a month) with the code Caringandable.

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Map Habit Unboxing of “Daily Stim” monthly subscription service (Episode 1 of 5)

Hi everyone, I am Dr. Alisa Kauffman, the Geriatric Household Dentist, and I’m doing an unboxing today. And this is quite unusual because I had the co-founder and CEO of the product with us. His name is Matt Golden and the product is called map Habit, and this is the box how it arrives at your front door, it’s quite large. And it’s a subscription service, so I have no idea what would be inside of a box where you get a subscription service. So let me open it.

This is like a dream! Blocks, different types of circles stickers, and activities with balls and pipe cleaners. And so, are there different activities that you go through so that caregivers on a daily basis have different activities that improve their cognitive abilities. What is this about? I am so excited! This is amazing. And how much does it cost?


What Is Map Habit?

Matt: Oh good, thanks so much for having me. This is our daily STEM program it’s one of the multiple offerings we have within Map Habit. The whole idea here is to ease the burden on caregivers and provide cognitive stimulating activities for individuals with neurodegenerative diseases to really engage in a more meaningful way. We incorporate mindfulness, expressing gratitude inspiration screenings. We have even [have] breathing exercises and what you have there is our interactive map. So this is coupled with a digital platform and an app, and you really do walk you through videos and audio on how to actually use this and really reminisce about the past but also improve dexterity in your hand and really, you know, tease anxiety throughout the day so it’s fantastic for both the individual and the caregiver who really want to, you know, fill up their day with meaningful activities.

Alisa: So really quickly, what is the first box cost and what’s the monthly subscription and please, for our viewers could you please give like a, maybe a little discount?


What Does It Cost? Is There a Discount for Caring & Able?

Matt: Absolutely. So our regular rate is $50 per month. That includes an onboarding session with us for an hour. But since you are so awesome and I love all of your audience, Caring & Able customers, we will give it to you for $40 a month so we’ll have code (Caringandable), you’ll basically have a full year’s worth of activities, we can break it up in any way, but it really does help simplify your day which is, you know, as we know from personal experience, it’s just extremely stressful.

Alisa: So for all of my care facilities and you guys know who you are, you need to order a few of these boxes because this is just incredible. Thank you so much, Matt, for joining and being part of my unboxing this is incredible and I’m going to go play with some of these toys – no, just kidding, I’m going to give it to somebody, I really appreciate your time with Caring & Able – stay tuned.


Learn more about Map Habit here >

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